Madeline's Dining & Event Center: Rachel & Robert

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June 12, 2021

Madeline's Dining & Event Center: Rachel & Robert

Congratulations on finally getting married! I'm so happy for both of you!!

This wedding meant a lot to me as I know this couple very well! The bride has been my best friend for over 30yrs and the groom is my brother-in-law... so now I can officially call Rachel my sister (in-law, but let's not get technical)! I actually introduced them to one another about 12yrs ago
as they were going to be the maid of honor and best man at my wedding. They hit it off and started dating almost immediately. Over the time they have been together, they have been through so many good, bad & sad times. Throughout everything they have supported each other... I truly believe they are meant for one another!

Due to personal reasons, they needed to move up their wedding from October to June. Rachel wound up planning this wedding in only 2 months!! I can only imagine the stress that caused. She did have some help from some of her wonderful friends (Shana... the cake and decorations were amazing!). 

The day turned out to be beautiful... sunny with blue skies and comfortable temperatures! After the first look we went to the Walnut Creek Access area in Fairview, PA to take pictures on the beach with just the bride & groom. Then it was off to Madeline's for wedding party pictures, followed by the ceremony, family pictures, and the reception.

(Rachel's brother and sister-in-law were also married on this day several years ago. To recognize this, she invited them up for a surprise dance to their wedding song and had a small cake made especially for them!)


Photography: Sara Foss Photography LLC

Venue & Caterer: Madeline's Dining & Event Center

Florist: Cathys Flower Shop

Officiant: Ashley Copeland-Babbitt

Bride's Hair: Hairphenalia

Bride's makeup: Mikayla

Cake & Decorations: Shana

DJ: Leon


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