Hi I'm Sara!

Photography takes an instant out of time,
Altering life by holding it still.

~ Dorothea Lange

I'm an on location wedding & portrait photographer based in Madison, Ohio. My photoshoots primarily take place in Northeast Ohio or Northwest Pennsylvania but I'm willing to travel just about anywhere around the world!

What do I love about photography? That a picture really does stop time for a moment! Each image tells a story about a place we have visited, something we have done, or people who have mattered to us throughout our lives. Memories fade, people pass away, but pictures can live on indefinitely and be passed down through the generations. I've especially found this to be true since my mom passed away in 2020 from cancer. The pictures I have of her are even more precious to me! My philosophy is that one can never have too many pictures; therefore, I take many images in my sessions and you can expect to get a lot of them.

I've been fascinated with photography ever since I was in high school (way too long ago... haha!). I still remember how excited I was when my mom bought me my first 35mm film camera for my 16th birthday! I took mainly landscape pictures for many years and sold a couple waterfall images at a local art show. In late 2014 I was asked by a family friend to photograph her wedding. That was a huge turning point for me. I had almost 2 years before her wedding so I jumped into learning everything I could about it. When her big day came I was prepared and I was amazed by how much I LOVED it! After that, I booked several more weddings and soon I was setting up an actual LLC photography business with the state of Ohio. I seriously never thought I'd be a business owner!

I've been photographing weddings & portraits for about 7 years now. Thus far, I've photographed over 70 weddings (I only book a limited number a year) and many other portrait sessions. I supply my clients with tip sheets in advance of their session. At the start of most sessions, I'll briefly go over some posing guidelines. The rest of the photoshoot is relaxed and fun! I often use prompts to illicit genuine reactions. Even if you think you are awkward/nervous/stiff/look bad in pictures/etc... I will guarantee you will have fun and get some amazing pictures! Actually my favorite moment is when I take an amazing picture, show you the back of the camera, and hear "Wow I love that!" (this DOES happen)! Weddings are primary candid, photojournalistic images with a sprinkling of formal, posed shots.

I do my best to keep my prices affordable and strive to provide value to my clients. I want to be more than some stranger who just shows up on the day of your wedding to take pictures.... I want to get to know both of you during our meetings and the engagement session! I'm always available to answer any questions you may have, provide advice on wedding planning, recommend amazing wedding vendors, help you prepare your timeline, or just be there for you to vent to when you are stressed! 

A few random facts about me:

* I've been married for 14yrs. I still remember how stressful and exhilarating wedding planning can be and I'm here to help you through it!

* I am a proud "fur mom" to 2 adorable cats we got from rescue organizations (pictures of them below).

* My primary profession is working in a hospital lab as a medical laboratory scientist. I run various tests doctors order that are used to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. I really enjoy my job and like that I play an important role in helping people.

*  I LOVE to travel! My goal is to travel to every continent (I've been to 3) and to every National Park in the US (I've been to 25)! I enjoy experiencing new cultures by visiting other countries. You can find me at the old castles, churches, ruins, and historical sites. I'm also a big outdoor person who enjoys hiking - along with photography it is my therapy when I'm stressed! So if you are thinking about eloping... I'd be happy to tag along and take some incredible pictures of you!

Thank you for taking the time to read this! I look forward to meeting you, hearing your story, and getting to know you!

Please CONTACT ME to set up your wedding consultation or to book a session!